Design & Build

Security Design & Build

Do you need a secure enterprise network infrastructure that is resilient and able to keep up-to-date with emerging security threats? PROTECT IT Design & Build team have the right skills and experience to review your current security infrastructure, design secure tools, applications, and gateways that will give you assurance. We help clients choose and design the most optimal IT security products and solutions that are efficient and cost-effective, with essential continuous support.

Our infrastructure services create business value by reducing maintenance costs and helping you easily identify where your most critical assets and defences are. Our build and design services take out the pain and reduce “single points of failure”. For a robust security infrastructure with modern technology, that adheres to best practices and standards, look no further. 


The infrastructure elements that we design and build consist of;

  Segregated Network Infrastructure and Redundancy
  Secure Cloud Solutions
•  Next Generation Firewalls
  Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  Network Logging & Monitoring
  Endpoint Protection (AV, DLP, Monitoring)
  Endpoint Encryption
  Remote Access Security
  Single-Sign-On (SSO) & Federation Solutions
  Identity & Access Management


  Incident Management
  SIEM (Security Information & Event Management)
  Email Encryption and Secure Email Gateways
  Vulnerability & Threat Management
  Patch Management
  Web Content Filtering
  Backup, Recovery, and
  Public Key Infrastructure

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